Klaudia Krabes-Czarnacka

Klaudia Krabes-Czarnacka

  • Position: Certified ICF Coach
  • Email: contact@holistixconsulting.com

She adores conducting the whole sales process, from defining the decision makers, arranging a meeting with the key person and conducting several business talks and negotiations up to signing a contract! 

She loves adrenaline and racing against competitors! 

She has been involved in sales for 19 years and has passed all the stages of development, from direct sales consultant, direct sales network director, sales agent, leasing account manager, medical market coordinator to lease expert concluding contracts worth 40 million per year. 

She loves sharing her know-how and experience. With her selling is simple you just need to understand what it is about. 

She will be happy to organize the following workshops for you: 

  1. Customer needs pyramid-> how to buildhigh value services for customers 
  2. Why, when and how is it worth to sell expensive service or products
  3. Building long-lasting relationships with clients, how to maintainrelationships with the existing client, how to gain a new client
  4. Working with a difficult and demanding client
  5. How to plan work in sales, reaching targets, professional burnout, routine approach – how to defend against it