Katarzyna Gawron

Katarzyna Gawron

  • Position: Business image coach
  • Email: kgawron@holistixconsulting.com
  • Phone: +48884030404

Graduate of the University of Economics, Faculty of Management, with a major in Marketing and Management, specialisation programme: Manager in Management Process, graduate of State Music School, violin class. 

The art partner of the holistic team.

 A colourful personality. She loves fashion that forms a part of her soul. Her passion for beauty and aesthetics manifests in every aspect of life  bringing together business, style and unique creativity 

For 16 years she has been specializing in sales  of which 10 years in the beauty industry. During her professional career she has held the position of Key Account Manager of Croma Pharma, Director of Key Account Department in Neauvia Poland. She has been responsible for creating unique business programs. For several years she has been working for corporations that taught her consistencypersistence and showed her sales potential. She combines an artistic soul with pragmatic logic in a unique and practical way. Her extraordinary business intuition let her reach the best results in sales structures.  

In her private life: mum of two adorable kids, passionate about fashion and dreaming about creating her own clothing line that will capture her soul. She practises yoga, plays tennis and meditates to maintain her balance. 

She is the co-manager of HolistixGroup Sp. z o. o., trusting her skills and her intuition